7 basic requirements to choosing a good headhunter:

1. Subject matter expert. Does the firm know my market?

2. Experience. Some searches require blunt force, others speed, or creativity. Does your firm provide that flexibility?

3. Precise hiring. Does the firm understand your business, your needs, and offer a process to increase hiring accuracy?

4. Mitigating hiring risk. Is there a process to support the new hire post search?

5. Value. Do I feel good about the value for the service?

6. Guarantee. If there was a mistake, will the firm come through to replace?

7. Trust. Do I trust my firm to tell me the truth?

radar has a compelling value proposition. We invite you to compare our credentials, client list, process, people, and the value we provide to any firm you currently use.

To sum it up, we are:

Proven, and time tested. Our family of companies has completed over 10,000 searches.

Priced-right. We provide flexible pricing, a la carte, project fee, contract agreements, or hourly rate. We can manage the most complex search process, or simply execute one part of it.

A solutions provider. We deliver results and provide solutions; creative solutions to a hiring challenge, or solutions to an internal talent challenge, such as Assessment, On-boarding, Surveying, Coaching, Succession, Retention, Exit Interviewing, or Downsizing.

We have a broad arsenal of services to help you win the talent war.