Are you amongst the top 10% of job seekers in your field?

Job hunting is part art, part science. The skills can be learned with practice and guidance. radar is part of family of companies dedicated to help the talent realize its potential. Our services have helped thousands of individuals get the career or job they wanted. radar is able to offer you a wide array of career services, through its partnership with DestinyME™.

DestinyME™ programs are designed to help individuals accelerate in their career management, job search, and professional development.  Tailored based on your unique needs, our programs provide you with powerful career building tools to increase your marketability and let you acquire career management skills for life.

Some key elements of how our programs can help you include:

● Exploring career options that align with your strengths and values

● Creating a powerful resume that appeals to employers and recruiters

● Utilizing effective job search strategies to access the hidden job market

● Developing personal marketing skills and discovering networking opportunities

● Learning the best techniques in presenting yourself in interviews and job offer negotiations

● Identifying options in self-employment, retirement, and continuing education, and more

Program Services

Keeping in mind that each individual has different goals, we address your needs by offering a range of services and resources that can be selected to build a customized program:

● One-to-One Career Coaching

● Career Development Workshops

● Personality and Talent Assessments

● Mock Interviews

● Online Office:  Web-Based Research Tool

● Office Facilities