As the name implies, clients use radar to help mitigate risk and increase hiring precision. radar has invested in ensuring it can successfully lead its mission by fine tuning what its target looks like, well beyond a traditional job description. We seek to be precise. At the briefing, we will use our profiling methodology to augment the brief and create hiring alignment among the decision making team. This interactive session will engage all stakeholders into the process and will help raise the level of discussion around the personality needed to succeed in the role and at the organization. The result of the discussion will be a Role Profile.
The psychometric assessment is a measure of four personality domains that capture core aspects of the widely established personality factors. It is designed to help the hiring organization define and benchmark the behavioral requirements of the position. It also provides a list of targeted interviewing and reference-checking questions to elicit relevant examples from the candidate’s past experience.
Prior to the offer stage, we will assess the final candidate(s) to evaluate the behaviors they will bring to the role. It will also provide us with questions for measuring how these behaviors have impacted past job performance. It will also reveal gaps relative to the profile that would otherwise have appeared after the start date. This will allow the hiring organization to create strategies relative to the preferences and behaviors of the candidate to ensure early success in their new environment.

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