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Job no. Position Location
106638 Adviser Manager Banking Sector Montreal QC
Job no. Position Location
106746 Corporate Director of Environmental Health and Safety Montreal QC
106740 Plant Controller Maritimes
106734 Maintenance Supervisor Pointe-Claire QC
106536 Implementation Analyst / Project Manager Montreal QC
106700 Vice President Operations Montreal QC
Manufacturing and Engineering
Job no. Position Location
106091 Intermediate Engineer or Geologist specialized in environment Saint-Sauveur QC
106368 Intermediate Technician or Technologist in Civil Engineering Saint-Sauveur QC
106546 Laboratory Technician / Construction Site Saint-Sauveur QC
106545 Intermediate Project Manager – Specialized in environment Saint-Sauveur QC
106544 Project Manager – Specialized in Geotechnical Saint-Sauveur QC
106543 Project Manager – Specialized in Environment Saint-Sauveur QC
106542 Intermediate Project Manager – Specialized in Geotechnical Saint-Sauveur QC
106533 Mechanical Designer Montreal QC
106556 Electrical Designer Saint-Eustache QC
Professional and Marketing
Job no. Position Location
Human Resources
Job no. Position Location
106748 Associate consultant in disability management and organizational health Montreal QC
106541 Recruiter Montreal QC
Office Services
Job no. Position Location
106731 Troubleshooting Specialist Customer Support & QA Montréal QC
Information Technology
Job no. Position Location
106697 IT Systems Analyst Montréal QC
Sales and Purchasing
Job no. Position Location
106727 USA Sales & Business Development Manager USA (multiple locations)