At radar headhunters we blend a proven repeatable search process coupled with creativity and determination. Simply put, we go find the talent you want.  We are obsessed with serving our clients and helping them succeed.

We have a proprietary process to capture the right fit for the role and the organization. It enables us to be more precise. We then convert it into a narrative that will allow us to dialogue with the right talent. We work with you to create a capture strategy. We close. And then we support our clients once the deal is done by assisting in the early days to mitigate risks as evidence shows that how one starts a new job has a profound impact on how they perform long term.

radar’s propriatery and proven search process at a glance:

1. Briefing 

● Culture, Profiling Intake

● Target Organizations are Identified

● Elaboration of Research Strategy

2. Identification

● Market Scan

● In-depth Research and Candidate Attraction

● Competency-Based Assessment

● Psychometric Testing

● Weekly Follow-Up & Status Updates

3. Client Interview

● Fast Benchmarking

● Short List

● Competency-Based Interview Process

4. Closing

● Capture Strategy

● References

● Credit, Criminal, Education Checks

● Sure Fire Closing Approach

● Communication with Non-Selected Candidates

● Debriefing

5. Onboarding

● Proprietary First 100 Days Support

We have a checklist we follow which you can download by clicking here.

Learn more:  Contact one of our experts for a detailed presentation.