What are you proudest of?

WHO we are: we deliver: Our family of companies have successfully completed over 10,000 missions in a wide range of industry and functional practices

What are your values?


We believe that success comes from commitment and that solutions come from staying the course. So, we work closely and tirelessly with all stakeholders to ensure we find the best talent for our clients.


We appreciate that effective communication is essential for exchanging knowledge and facilitating understanding. Communication is not just about talking; it’s about listening to what our clients want.

Continuous Learning:

With a constantly changing business landscape, staying competitive means challenging what we know and how we work. Continuous learning and improvement ensures continued success for our clients.


We believe that trust is the foundation for any successful relationship. To build trust, we conduct our business with courtesy, respect and honesty so that clients feel confident when they work with us.


We truly work as a TEAM to provide better outcomes for clients. We believe in possibilities through partnerships. The best successes are not achieved alone, so we build strategic partnerships that allow us to offer a range of services to our diverse clients.


We love what we do, and it shows. Our passion for finding exceptional talent and building exceptional organizations allows us to do what we love while making a difference for our clients.


Means doing what we say we will do, every time. While we focus on process to get to the results, we are judged by the completion of a project. We only hire individuals who get the distinction between getting it done versus giving your best.

Service Excellence:

We uphold the highest ideals in our practices and processes when working with our clients. With a commitment to excellence, we always strive to do our best to meet or exceed the needs of our clients.

Who will work on my mandate?

The people present at the briefing, led by a team of subject matter experts as well as a research specialist. The team is also supported by the entire firm.

How big is your database?

We possibly have the largest Canadian database in the search business; well in excess of 650,000 profiles.

How many searches can one person handle at a time?

We strive to work on no more than 3 or 4 searches simultaneously to ensure full attention to all projects.

Can you search abroad?

We provide local knowledge with global access through our international affiliate with offices in 30 countries around the world.

What is unique about your briefing?

We have a proprietary process to capture the right fit for the role and the organization. We use our profiling methodology to augment the brief and create hiring alignment amongst the decision making team.

What is unique about your research and recruitment methodology?

We employ a proprietary 16 step process to construct an exhaustive target talent pool that has produced thousands of hires.

What is unique about your assessment?

We use state of the art psychometric testing to supplement our thorough behavioral interviewing yielding a deeper assessment.

Executive search firms typically promise a short list in 90 days. You?

As we do not outsource research and have a subject matter expertise approach, we have merged the speed of contingent firms with the exacting standards of the largest global retained firms. Fast, with a high-touch service. Short list will be negotiated on a per assignment basis and typically will take between one and four weeks.

Do you measure success?

For us success is:

1. repeat business,

2. an executive recruited by us, still thriving in their third year, and

3. a search audit that yields a high client  and candidate satisfaction score.

Do you measure candidate satisfaction?

We audit all interviewed candidates and to drive the highest standards, these satisfaction metrics are captured and tied to our compensation.

What is your philosophy on service?

Our service philosophy is to do what we do to delight customers, just for the sake of it. Delight comes from results and from an enjoyable process. The business can be stressful and we do culturally and organizationally to celebrate one another and serve with grace and a smile.

What are your standards around integrity, security, and confidentiality?

Integrity is a core value. With the advent of the new privacy law, we are one of few search firms to have appointed a partner to be Chief Privacy Officer. About 20% of our searches are completely confidential where a professional may be replaced. We typically work with NDA’s.

What do you do to give back?

Many of our partners sit on charitable boards to give back. Organizationally, we have given more than $1,000,000 to charities through vehicles we own and have created. When comparing search firms, if equal, choose one that gives back!