Do you wish you had the best talent working within your organization?

radar’s fundamental service is to find and attract the best possible talent to our client organizations. The type of talent that will produce results. While many recruitment firms use social media and job postings or LinkedIn to locate active candidates, we hunt for “passive candidates”, those who are employed and not actively looking for a job. We are headhunters. We are resilient. We are resourceful. And our clients are successful. We have used our finely tuned radar to enhance our client’s talent capital. And we do so at a fair price, in a flexible manner. We are easy to work with.

How do we do it?

First, we know talent and the search process. We know how to find it fast, and how to assess to ensure there is a good fit with the role and the organization. Projects are always led by the subject-matter expert.

Second, we care. We are privately-held and we handle each project with passion and pride. Our success depends on yours. With a commitment to excellence, we always strive to do our best to meet or exceed the needs of our clients

Third, we deliver. To us, it means doing what we say, every time.   While we focus on process to get to the results, we are judged by the completion of a project. We understand the distinction between getting it done versus giving our best.

We provide talent management solutions to Canada’s leading employers including large private and public corporations, small and medium enterprises, government and not-for-profits.