With a rapidly changing economy and global landscape, radar was created to provide a flexible solution to clients requiring a high level of service, with increased speed and precision, while mitigating hiring risk.

radar is a team of dedicated subject matter experts who are proven headhunters at work for you. We deliver unparalleled service to our clients in a world where hiring is fraught with risks and mistakes are costly.  We help reduce hiring risks by investing upfront with our proprietary intake briefing, scan the market to seek out the best talent to fit your needs, and after we have found the candidate, support their hiring to help them produce results faster.

We provide international support in 30 countries around the globe. We walk our talk: our fees are success-based; and we provide a high touch experience.

Our group of companies have successfully participated in hiring over 10,000 individuals.

We also provide a full suite of human capital products, from coaching to assessment.

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